Why Do Hard Drives Really Fail?

At any point, it is important to back up your crucial files because you can never tell when your hard drive will fail. Even at times that you think you are very careful and there is no chance that a mishap will occur, sometimes the causes of the failure might be beyond you. Here, we focus on some of the possible causes of hard drive failures.


5 factors that may cause hard drive failure

We still insist that you back up your crucial files because you cannot tell when your hard drive will fail. Here are some of the common causes:

Manufacturer or firmware faults

Even though you might be very careful with your hard drive, sometimes it’s the manufacturer’s fault. This happens especially when the manufacturer releases their products into the market without testing them. Some of the symptoms of this include failure to boot or constant hanging.


When the fans to your computer are not working properly, chances are high that your hard drive will fail due to overheating. Some of the symptoms to this include clicking sounds and the computer heats up soon after restarting.

Power surges and electronic failures

With an unstable power supply, many parts of your computer can be affected one of them being the hard drives. You can tell this when you notice signs such as sudden startup failure and the computer’s inability to sign up among others.

Internal failure

Mechanical failure can also be a reason for failed hard drives. When this happens, you notice that the computer’s screen appears to be black, the system may freeze completely and files may become invisible.

Corrupted files

When you have viruses in your computer that end up corrupting your crucial files, chances are your hard drive will suffer too. Because of this, you will notice that there is a sudden shutdown and general damage to the files amongst others.


Many reasons are available as to why hard drives fail. Some of them include corruption of crucial files, power surges and manufacturer’s faults. The best option for you is to back up your crucial files always. You can never tell when your hard drive will fail abruptly.


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